Salsita! classes in Brussels

Under the name “Salsita!” we will start, from September 2009 on, proposing dance classes in Brussels and Hoeilaart (south of Brussels).



In Brussels we’ll start with Maria Szumielewicz teaching from September on two partnerwork series (one for beginners and one for non beginners called ‘Partnerwork plus’) and two ladies’ technique & styling classes. We’ve found a very beautiful dance hall in the centre of Brussels (right in front of Kaaitheater on the inside ring) called Studio Tout Azimut, Rue des Ateliers.

Here’s the schedule for Brussels:

Salsa Partnerwork
Beginners 1

Monday 20.00-21.15 (start 14th of September)

Partnerwork plus
Wednesday 20.00-21.15 (start 9th of September)

Partnerwork Plus class (on1) is for everybody who already dances salsa. The level is open, however you need to know basic techniques for leading/following.
Classes will contain warm-up isolation excercises, shines, turn-patterns, styling in partnerwork, technique tips that will help you to lead/follow smoothly and will make you feel confident on the dance floor.

Ladies’ technique & styling
Open level
Monday 21.15-22.30 (start 19th of October)

Intermediate level
Wednesday 21.15-22.30 (start 9th of September)


We start with zumba classes on Saturday mornings. There’ll be two groups, one from 11am to 12am, one from 12am to 1pm. The instructor is Rosy Bas. The first classes will take place on 26th of September.

Classes (salsa partnerwork & zumba) are proposed in series of ten, ladies’ styling classes in series of five. The first class of every series can be taken as a free try out class. You do not have to enrol with a dance partner. Price for a series of ten classes is 75 euro, price for a series of five classes is 40 euro.

Enrol through or 0496/123.006.

The address: Studio Tout Azimut, Rue des Ateliers 19-21, 1080 Brussels (near Metro Yser & Ribaucourt). Plenty of possibility to park your car.

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